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Sephiroth...Town and Country N'CO

This is to introduce to you *Town and Country N'Co* the new Powder Puff boy that we are going get. His call name will be Sephiroth...or Roth for short...

Town and Country N'Co...Sephiroth

Roth and his taped ears...over in the corner.  Isn't he CUTE?!?!?

Town and Country N'Co...sitting in the corner.  He's been good, though!

Roth at six weeks...ready for the ring alreaady!  He's lovely, isn't he?  :)

Sephiroth...(Town and Country N'CO..8 weeks) Looking like he's about to fly away!

This is our most recent picture of Roth (Town and Country N'CO)! His breeder, Pam, has assured me that he's the first one out of his litter brother and sister to go out and explore (which means we are going to have our hands full!) Roth's Sire is **CH Blandora Without A Doubt**, and his Dam is **CH Moptopwoodlyn Champagne Music**. His sister just did VERY well in the Crested Nationals! She got her CHampionship the very first day, not to mention many other accomplisments there! Roth is a repeat breeding, so we hope that he will do well in the ring, too! For more information on any of Pam's Pups, you can click on the N'CO Chinese Cresteds and Exotics link on my contact page. I believe her to be an honest, ethical breeder, and if you are in the 'market' for a Chinese Crested, please ask her for availability of her pups! You won't regret it!


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Sephiroth...Town and Country N'CO
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This puppy is going to join our family from the N'Co family in about three months! We are VERY excited and anticipating his arrival! We'll keep you posted, and pass along any pictures we get of him!

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