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Point system...sort of :)

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The Cayman Islands Point System for Chinese Cresteds Explained

(Sort of...)


Hello all!  I am going to try to explain the point system for Cresteds here on Island...

For Chinese Cresteds...we have to enter them in Open shows.  That means that Aeris (and Roth soon...) have to compete against all different types and breeds of dogs.  Normally, if there were more Chinese Cresteds on Island...they would compete against each other to win Best in Breed...but there has to be at least 4 Chinese Cresteds entered to win even minimal points in that.  Right now, as Aeris is the only one here, she automatically wins everything for her Breed, and gets no points for it.  Even when Roth gets here, They'll still compete to see who will go on to represent Chinese Cresteds in the Toy Group...still with no points.

From the Toy group, winners go on to Best In Show.  Points are awarded to the winner of the Toy group depending on how many dogs are entered in that competition.  The maximum amount of points that can be awarded for this win is five.  This again depends on the amount of dogs entered.  When they go on to the Best in Show, competing against all of the group winners, if they win, they will get points if they win.  No points are awarded for second, third or fourth place.  The maximum amount of points awarded for a Best in Show win is 6 points.  The amount of points needed to complete your Championship is 20, with at least one Best in Show win.

I hope that that helped to explain a little bit.  If not, e-mail me and I'll try to explain it a little better for you!






Cayman Islands Kennel Club



CALL NAME:  'Aeris'

REGISTERED NAME:  Pyramid First Queen Regnant


BREED:  Chinese Crested

TYPE:  Hairless

SEX:  Female

DESCRIPTIVE MARKINGS:  White/Cream hair on tip of tail, feet and head.  Dark Mahogany skin.

OWNER'S):  Kandi and Christopher Taffe-Ebanks

HOME ADDRESS:  1208 North Side Road

P.O. BOX NUMBER:  14 North Side, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI