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*Isis and Hades*
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*Isis and Hades*

Welcome to Isis and Hades page!

Welcome to Isis and Hades page! This is the page where you'll meet Isis, the shy, mischievous one, and Hades, the bold, sweet one! These two little monsters became part of our lives on Mothers Day (that was my present!). We found them, took them to the vet...they checked out O.K., so now we have these two sweet little kitties! Generally, they behave themselves, only misbehaving when its playtime! Samm loves them, Dagon thoroughly enjoys watching them, and Chris and I just think that they are fabulous! They will both be spayed when they are old enough. We already love them dearly!

This page is dedicated to the memories of
Our dearest Loki, who has left us. We do not know if she was stolen, or if she ran away, but hopefully, wherever she is, she is alive, loved, and well taken care of. We miss you, Loki! You will always remain in our hearts!

And our sweet, Beloved Osiris, the one who made us appreciate the beauty, grace, and love that a cat can give! Thank you for that, Osiris! Thank you for baby-sitting Samm when he was just learning how to crawl...then how to walk. Thank you for enduring the bumps and bruises when he got at you while our backs were turned...for taking them, and just loving him in return. Thank you for everything, Osiris! You are greatly missed!


Kandi, Chris, Samm, and Dagon (even though he didnt know youwe will tell him stories about you!) (Also, even though they never knew you) Aeris, Shiva, Isis (who looks so much like you, Osiris!), and Hades