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Contest Page


About Us | Crested Reading... | Contest Page | Announcing.... | Proud Parents-To Be! | *New Stars are Born* | Directions | The Extras! | Stories... | Contact Us's not REALLY a contest...just a showcase! Every month, we'll chose one Crested Pic to be our Crested Picture of the Month! This is where you'll find the 'runners up'...who are all winners in our hearts!

CIKC CH Pyramid First Queen Regnant.  "Aeris"

Come Visit Aeris!

This is Aeris...CIKC CH Pyramid First Queen Regnant. To see more aabout Aeris, please visit

to submit your favorite Crested Pic, just e-mail us at or click on the link on our contact page (Mail to Majestic) with some info on your beloved pet, and we'll get it up on our site A.S.A.P!

This is the new PPM that will be joining our family...Town and Country N'CO  (Sephiroth...or roth for short!  Find out more about him at

This is Town and Country N'CO! He'll be joining the Endless Fantasy home in a few months! His call name will be Sephiroth (or Roth for short!) Please visit more with Roth's current family by clicking on the links below, or see some more pictures of this wonderful PP boy by visiting his page!

Come Visit Town and Country N'Co's current home!

Come Visit with Sephiroth!

Kalypso's Sea Breeze, better known as Breezy!

Here is a picture of one of Kalypso Cresteds up and coming babies Kalypso's Sea Breeze, better known as "Breezy". She is 5 months in this picture. To see more of Breezy, please visit !

Kalypso Cresteds!

This is Barney!  Aeris' 'Gran-pa', and Fritzy's Dad!  To see more about Barney, please click on the link below!

This is Barney! He's got tons of great accomplishments, and will DEFINATELY be a Crested of the Month here! He's Aeris' Grandpa, and Fritzy's dad! To learn more about his accomplishments, please click on the link below!

Barney's Place!

This is Aeris' Mom...CH Trubos Fritzy Ritz!  Fritzy is the lucky owner of Alana, her human!

Fritzy's Place!

This is a pic of CH Trubos Fritzy Ritz! Fritzy owns one of the best people that I know! Alana! Congrats on your recent Crested of the Month win!

This month, Barney is our Majestic Crested of the month! CH Trubos Barney Google Cadaran is a fabulous looking boy, and is more than deserving of this honor! Congratulations, Barney!


And since this isn't REALLY a contest...there isn't REALLY a prize...just a bit of recognition for your little loved furry (or not-so-furry!) one!

Our Past Winners....

1 Aeris 06-01-01 thru 06-30-01
2 CH Trubo's Fritzy Ritz 07-01-01 thru 07-31-01
3 CH Trubo's Barney Google Cadaran 08-01-01 thru 08-30-01

Please note that all the pictures sent to us WILL be screened! Only pictures deemed appropriate will be allowed entry, and exposure on this, or any other EndlessFantasy page. Opinions stated here are not necessarily those of the WebMaster of this or any othe EndlessFantasy page.