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*New Stars are Born*


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Here, you'll find out about any new litters that our members have recently had! Just look at those cute puppy faces!


Tug of War pups!

Ch. Rompford Night Wind At Kasma  'Tayatoo'  The proud mamma!

Shamar Acres' Pockhet Knife!  'Mac'-the proud pappa!

Kasma Chinese Cresteds is Proud to present...

This sweet litter out of Tayatoo and Mac!
This litter was born May 5, 2001! If you've got any questions about these cute pups, Click on the link below! Also, check them out in our classifieds section!

Here's the PPM again!  Isn't he a DOLL!  Sorry, guys!  He's already taken!

This is one of Shamars new stars!  A sweet face on this PowderPuff boy!  Sorry guys!  He's already taken!

I LOVE this PPF!  She's adorable!  Sorry, though!  She's taken!

Here's a cute HL Male!

My favorite again!  This sweet PPF!  Sorry, guys!  She's already taken!

The little HLM taking a break!

Here's the second HL boy!  Just as cute as his brother!

Tug of War pups!

Thanks to Kasma Chinese Cresteds for these pictures! If you have any questions about these adorable pups, feel free to visit the Kasma Cresteds page and contact Kathie!

MajestiCrest is in no way responsible for these pups or their breeders. We are just showing them off!


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