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Here at MajestiCrest, our goal is to raise awareness about the wonderful, Majestic Chinese Crested! every month, we'll have a feature article on Chinese Cresteds, whether it be a story, or an inforamtive article...or just some information on someones beloved pet! This is a chance for people to 'interact' with one another, and to be in contact with people who share the same love of this wonderful breed!

This Month...

Hello again! This is Majestic (again!)! I haven't really had as much time as I'd like to work on this web-page, and still need your help! ANY information that you all can give me to post in this section would be greatly appreciated! We are trying desperately to inform people about the Chinese Crested, ao that when they are buying, or even THINKING about buying a Chinese Crested, they have all of the facts, and another Crested gets his or her forever home instead of ending up in a shelter or a breed rescue... or worse yet, as a puppy mill dog. I feel that if people have a place where they can comfortably go to get answers to the questions they may feel are too silly to ask, they will make better choices when it comes to buying a Chinese Crested. My goal is to help these people find the answers they need. If I can't give them to them, then hopefully some of you can! Anyway, please submit either a little bit from you, or even a link to something that we can post for some interesting Crested stories or information. Thanks again, you guys!

* Please's a sadly known fact that Pet Store Puppies MORE THAN LIKELY came from puppy mills! Either that, or from some breeder breeding his dogs purely for money, in which case the dogs are usually poorly kept and pregnant (in the bitch's case). PUT PUPPYMILLS OUT OF BUSINESS! DON'T buy a pup from a pet store!

To Contact the owner of this article, please send an e-mail to and Majestic will ask the author to e-mail you...or, the author may have provided an e-mail address in his/her story...if so, please feel free to contact him/her!

Sephiroth, or Town and Country N'Co, will be joining the MajestiCrest family here in Cayman soon!  Our Crested of the Month!

This month's story is provided by Majestic and Aeris! Hey! We have to start SOMEWHERE!